A Little Bit About Us

Captain Mike Theut will be your host and guide for your day of fun, whether enroute to the Content Keys, Looe Key Reef, off shore or anywhere in between.  He has been exploring the lower keys for over seventeen years and has a multitude of GPS locations to find fish at his disposal.  Capt. Mike has a passion to show guests a great time doing what he loves (anything water related).  He loves fishing and spear fishing in his spare time, any chance he gets.

Notable Experience:  United States Coast Guard credentialed captain for over twenty two years with a Masters License for of up to 100 Gross Tons Great Lakes / 25 Tons Near Coastal and is authorized to engage in Commercial Assistance Towing ~ Was a registered Emergency Medical Technician-Basic and fire fighter in the state of Michigan for seven years.

The boat is named FlexPlan because at the beginning of the day we have a solid plan for the most fun on the water.  At the same time, we won’t hesitate to accommodate a client’s needs if conditions allow us to do something more desirable.  FlexPlan, manufactured by Rambo, is a versatile 27 foot center console boat with an open floor plan.  It has an aggressive v-shaped bow and a narrow profile for cutting through waves.  On the other hand, the stern is rather flat, allowing the Rambo to go shallow.  This comes in handy when getting bait in 18 in of water or when traversing the back country flats. A quiet, dependable, 250 HP Yamaha outboard motor keeps us cruising at an average speed of 22 – 26 knots (25 – 30 mph).  Safety is at the forefront of our priorities.  We carry all the necessary communication, emergency, and safety equipment plus some that is not required by law. (Peace of Mind)

Boat Equipped with:

  • Up-to-date flares with spares
  • “Working” VHF radio
  • Type 1 life jackets “in good condition”
  • Comprehensive first aid supply
  • Throwable type flotation cushion
  • Two fire extinguishers
  • Search & flood lights
  • Two Dependable deep cycle starting batteries
  • Bight navigational lights
  • Extra water
We try to make the voyage as comfortable as possible. To keep you cool on hotter days, two bimini tops may be added so you don’t overheat. When not needed, one or both bimini’s may be put down or removed. Seating on FlexPlan is also versatile. The gunnels are wide and grab handles are nearby. The massive fishbox forward doubles as a comfortable seat for two with a good view. Marine bean bags may be used for kids seating or ” the young at heart”.  Also, plush folding chairs with armrests are available upon request. After swimming, it is easy getting back on the boat with a functional swim platform and T ladder system. If you like music on the water, a 6 speaker sound system will surround you with your favorite tunes.

Fishing Tackle and Equipment Highlights:

  • 2019 36 volt Minn Kota trolling motor with GPS anchor lock ( to get us in shallow water for bait and anchor easily in any depth of water)
  • Garmin GPS with 500 watt through hull transducer
  • VHF radio with clean connections (to hear how other fishermen are doing)
  • Two 20 gallon livewells with excellent water flow to keep our baits “Happy”
  • Three 22# drag Daiwa BG spinning reels
  • Three 30# drag  Fin Nor LT 60 spinning reels
  • One 40# drag Fin Nor Marquesas jigging reel
  • Two 40# drag Shimano 50 wide, two speed, conventional trolling reels
  • Two 34# drag Shimano 30 wide, two speed, conventional trolling reels
  • One massive fishbox forward
  • Two smaller coolers, one for smaller fish, one for food and drink
  • Sixteen rod holders to put away poles not in used while fighting fish